A look at the T4 terminal in Madrid

One of the world’s largest airport terminals

Airports are very crowded and busy public spaces and I usually just rush thru them. I assumed that airports are not the place to pull out a camera and start shooting. I imagined that I would not make security too happy or at least manage to get some disapproving looks from other passengers or airport staff. A few years ago my first flight into Madrid landed at the T4 terminal and I was surprised to see a beautiful modern airport. I wanted to take photos right then and there but gave up on the idea. Earlier this year my flight into Madrid landed early in the morning while my train headed north was not leaving until late that afternoon. Faced with the long layover, I decided to hang out for a while and take a walk around the terminal.

You can read more about this award winning terminal here on Wikipedia

Luz natural por todas las esquinas

Los aeropuertos son lugares públicos abarrotados de gente corriendo para alcanzar su vuelo. Nunca se me ocurrió sacar la camara y ponerme a tomar fotos. Pensaba que seguridad o algun trabajador del aeropuerto no lo vería bien. Hace unos años cuando mi vuelo aterrizó en la T4 de Madrid, me encantó ver un aeropuerto muy moderno. Quería tomar fotos en el momento pero desistí de la idea. Esta vez me encontré con una espera larga cuando mi vuelo llegó temprano pero mi tren rumbo al norte no salía hasta mucho mas tarde. Así que decidí darme una vuelta por la T4.

Pueden leer mas acerca de este aeropuerto y la T4 aquí en Wikipedia


Skylites provide natural illumination

solar panel-photovoltaic-madrid-barajas-airport-t4

Photovoltaic panels collect the sun’s energy


These blinds adjust for the intense sun light


The exterior roofline of the T4


Another look at the shades blocking the sun

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