Traditional booksellers in Madrid’s Cuesta de Moyano

Madrid’s answer to the Bouquinistes of Paris

Connecting the Paseo del Prado with the Alfonso XII street in Madrid, the Cuesta de Moyano is a famous pedestrian street of about 200 meters. The hill is lined with around 30 wooden stalls of book dealers. If you love books, you must walk along this famous street. The stalls sell mostly old used books. Some interesting titles can be found here and you may even find rare copies or classics at a good price. This is Madrid’s answer to the booksellers that line the Seine in Paris. The street is located near the Atocha station and after climbing the hill you will end up in Madrid’s Retiro Park. You will have a great time wandering, browsing, and simply absorbing the scene. Make it a full day by walking right into El Retiro Park. I was glad to see people buying real books. Some looked very interesting and people would sit down to read them immediately. All of this is absolutely free but please buy some books. I truly believe that printed books will never disappear completely.

Libros antiguos y de segunda mano

La Cuesta de Moyano en Madrid es una calle famosa que comunica el Paseo del Prado con el Parque del Retiro. La calle está peatonalizada y a un lado de sus 200 metros, junto a la verja del Jardín Botánico, están instaladas unas 30 casetas de venta de libros. Principlamente aquí se ofrecen a la venta libros de segunda mano pero a lo mejor se encuentran alguna joya literaria. Me parece algo similar a los libreros de Paris a las riberas del río. La calle se encuentra cerca de la estación de Atocha y al terminar de subirla, se encontrarán con la entrada del Ángel Caído al Parque del Retiro. La pasarán muy bien caminando, ojeando los libros, y absorbiendo la escena callejera. Al terminar, crucen la calle Alfonso XII, y entren al Retiro. Me alegró mucho el ver que hay gente que todavía aprecia los libros de verdad. Observé varios clientes que no podían esperar y se sentaban en un banco a leer immediatamente. Se puede pasar todo un dia por aquí sin gastar dinero. Pero por favor compren algún libro. Verdaderamente pienso que los libros impresos nuncan desaparecerán.

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Tables displaying available books

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Many interesting titles are available

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One of about 30 wooden stalls offering books

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Another reader finds a fascinating title

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  1. Dana Carmel @ Time Travel Plans

    As a book lover, I really hope that printed books never go out of style. Although I requested my husband to finally buy me a Kindle for Christmas, I think that I’ll probably still seek out printed books. I love the feel of holding a book, the smell of the paper, and being able to fold pages over. I know that may sound strange, but I think that most book lovers can relate.


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