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A look at the Madrid metro

A Madrid metro station is never too far

Nobody believes me when I tell them how much walking is involved when visiting Spain. The city of Madrid seems to have been made for walking. As a matter of fact, the whole country was made for walking. I prefer to walk all day long. The more you walk, the more you need to keep going. You will not want to stop. I have to admit that my city exploration was frequently interrupted by a quick stop for a glass of Ribera del Duero or a cold beer at one of the tabernas that I described earlier in my last blog entry. If all that walking makes your feet hurt and you get tired, you can always return home in the metro. Let me show you a few of the metro stations that you will find along the way. Stations are conveniently located in every neighborhood. It may sound a bit strange but navigating the metro routes is actually a lot of fun.

More info here on the Madrid Metro homepage.


Si te cansas de caminar siempre puedes tomar el metro

Nadie me cree al contarles cuanto se camina al visitar a España. La ciudad de Madrid parece estar hecha para caminar. En realidad, siempre he dicho que España es un país para caminar. Yo prefiero caminar todo el día. Se camina tanto que no van a querer parar de caminar. La verdad es que muchas veces mi camino se interrumpía por una parada en alguna de esas tabernas que describía en mi blog anteriormente. Siempre es bueno recargar las pilas con una copa de Ribera del Duero o una caña. Si con todo ese caminar se les hinchan los pies o se sienten agotados, podrán regresar a casa en el metro. Si me permiten, les demostraré algunas de las estaciones del metro que encontrarán a lo largo del camino. Encontrarán una estación muy cerca en cada barrio. A lo mejor les suena un poco extraño pero me parece muy divertido navegar el sistema del metro.

Mas información aqui en la Web de Metro Madrid.


madrid-metro-plaza de españa

Plaza de España is on the west side

madrid-metro-santo domingo

Numerous Asian stores are located on Calle Leganitos which connects Plaza de España to Plaza Santo Domingo.


Opera station in front of the Teatro Real and Plaza Isabel II at the end of Calle Arenal

madrid-metro-anton martin

Christmas street lights were going up all over the city center

madrid-metro-banco de españa

Late afternoon sun makes these majestic buildings glow

madrid-metro-banco de españa

Banco de España station at night looking at the Metropolis building


Climbing the stairs out of the Sevilla station

madrid-metro-vodafone sol

Companies fight for a piece of Sol station. Sol station is now Vodafone Sol while construction continues on Apple’s new flagship store at the same time that a new Sony smartphone is advertised.


A very busy station in one of Madrid’s most colorful barrios. The station is located next to a university library and the Teatro Valle Inclan.